What does Bennett Valley mean?

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(n.) A section of Santa Rosa, California, see Santa Rosa found on its eastern side. Recognized for its friendly community, Bennett Valley can also be the location for several schools. These schools feature Montgomery Highschool, Slater center School, Matanzas, Strawberry, Village, and Spring Creek Elementary schools.some of Santa Rosa consists of about 50percent Caucasian 48% Hispanic and 2per cent Negro/other, Bennett Valley contains about 80% Caucasian. This might be generally thought to be due to the population's high earnings and good geographical place. Another 20percent is especially white-washed Hispanics, though there may be the "BV Sur" which consist of hard-core Mexicans just who wander the roads of Bennett Valley breaking it with their graffiti and their particular competition. The 80per cent white comprises of about 2percent incredibly hot guys making their particular training at Montgomery senior school.