What does Benjeman Franklin mean?

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a person which has never ever died and can never die. Known as a god of all of the religons. Has the largest "male" organ ever before known, trippling how big is ron jeremie's. Behind the assasination of both Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Master of his domain. Wrote both the Theory of Evoloution and Family man. Principal advisor for Adolf Hitler, Jesus, Darth Vador, and Barack Obama. The father of "the most interesting guy you will definitely ever fulfill" from Dos Equis advertisements. He's got their own faith and it is identify as christianity. He additionally founded the Peace Corpse and Empire from Star Wars. Created the platipus and Man-Bear-Pig. His best friends are Kim Jong Il and himself. In the foreseeable future he can be known as the frontrunner of Robots and Computers of Technology Revoloution around 3001.