What does Benjamin Disraeli mean?

Benjamin Disraeli meaning in Urban Dictionary

Prime Minister of Britain 1874–1880 and a novelist. Now you know which he is.

Benjamin Disraeli meaning in General Dictionary

Uk statesman just who as Prime Minister purchased managing fascination with the Suez Canal and made Queen Victoria the empress of India (1804-1881)

Sentence Examples with the word Benjamin Disraeli

Even among his friends in youth (Sir Edward Lytton Bulwer, for example), and not improbably among the city men who wagered their p Y g Y g money in irrecoverable loans to him on the chance of his success, there may have been some who compassed the thought of Benjamin Disraeli as prime minister and peer; but at no time could any fancy have imagined him remembered so enduringly as Lord Beaconsfield has been.

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