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Benjamin meaning in General Dictionary

See Benzoin

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  • a type of top layer for males
  • gum resin utilized especially in dealing with skin irritation
  • (Old Testament) the youngest and best-loved son of Jacob and Rachel plus one of the twelve forebears associated with tribes of Israel
  • See Benzoin.
  • some sort of upper coat for men.

Benjamin meaning in Names Dictionary

boy associated with right hand.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Male

Benjamin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. correct name, in Old Testament, Jacob's youngest boy (Gen. xxxv:18), from Hebrew Binyamin, virtually "son of south," though interpreted in Genesis as "child associated with right hand," from ben "boy of" + yamin "right hand," in addition "south" (in an East-oriented tradition). Compare Arabic cognate yaman "right hand, right side, south;" yamana "he was delighted," virtually "he considered the proper." Just the right had been regarded as auspicious (see kept and dexterity). In addition see Yemen, southpaw, and compare deasil "rightwise, switched toward the best," from Gaelic deiseil "toward the south; toward suitable," from deas "right, right-hand; south." In addition compare Sanskrit dakshina "right; south." Slang definition "money" (by 1999) is from portrait of Benjamin Franklin on U.S. $100 costs.

Benjamin - French to English

youngest child

Benjamin meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Some sort of top coating for males.

Sentence Examples with the word Benjamin

Cleveland likewise carried the state in 1892, but in 1888 Benjamin Harrison, the Republican candidate, the factional quarrels being settled, carried the state.

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