What does Benign lymphoreticulosis mean?

Benign lymphoreticulosis meaning in Medical Dictionary

Cat scratch disease, a mild flu-like illness, with distended lymph nodes (lymphadenitis) and mild temperature of short duration, due to cat scratches, particularly from kittens. There clearly was often just a little bump (a papule) which can be pus-filled (a pustule) during the web site associated with the scrape. The disease is self-limited and often goes away alone in a few weeks. It's also treated with antibiotics, however it causes a severe infection known as bacillary angiomatosis in customers with weakened immune methods. A cat holding the microbe doesn't show symptoms and it is not necessary to get rid of it. If somebody when you look at the household are at high risk, a test to detect the infection can be carried out together with pet can usually be treated. The illness is caused by a bacterium known as Rochalimaea henselae, fundamentally reclassified as Bartonella henselae, known as for Diane Hensel, a microbiologist. The illness has also been called local lymphadenitis.