What does Benchmark mean?

Benchmark meaning in General Dictionary

Any permanent mark that various other amounts are known

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  • a typical through which anything is measured or evaluated
  • a surveyor's mark-on a permanent item of predetermined position and level made use of as a research point

Benchmark meaning in Finance Dictionary

A standard or point of research through which an investment is measured. Investment resources are often assessed against a diverse marketplace or marketplace segment index.

Benchmark meaning in Law Dictionary

(1) A marketleading POPULAR STOCK, BOND, or industry index that will act as a proxy for broader sentiment and movement shopping. Tradable benchmarks, which usually function considerable LIQUIDITY and narrow BIDOFFER spreads, tend to be used as an indexing, pricing, or hedging reference for other securities or DERIVATIVES. (2) An index that is used to measure the general performance of other ASSETS, securities, or PORTFOLIOS. (1) Also known as BELLWETHER.

Benchmark meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition bench-mark, "surveyor's point of reference," 1838, from a specialized surveyors' usage of bench (letter.) + level (n.1); figurative good sense is from 1884.

Benchmark meaning in Business Dictionary

Standard, or a couple of standards, made use of as a place of guide for evaluating performance or substandard quality. Benchmarks can be attracted from a strong's very own knowledge, from connection with various other organizations on the market, or from legal demands particularly environmental regulations.

Benchmark meaning in Symbols Dictionary

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Benchmark meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

A benchmark is a test that measures the performance of equipment, computer software, or computer. These tests may be used to assist compare how good an item can do against other items. When comparing benchmarks, the greater the worthiness for the outcomes, the faster the component, software, or general computer is. The picture shows a typical example of some type of computer benchmark in CrystalMark and each of its components total rating.

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This elaborates the themes set out in Benjamin's previous benchmark book.

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