What does Ben Skywalker mean?

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it is a phrase widely used to explain some of those fans of Star Wars who has got simply no hold on reality.This may or is almost certainly not considering celebrity Wars. Other impacts can sometimes include medicines, upbringing, and basic stupidity.You can spot a Ben Skywalker by the way they argue.If arguments will devolve into something similar to this:"I think you will be incorrect because your opinion is unfounded and totally lacks proof!""might the power be with you!"You are probably arguing with a Ben Skywalker.Ben Skywalkers tend to have minimal good judgment, consequently they are unwanted pretty much wherever they go.Other than being obnoxious fanboys, these are generally excessively opinionated, and want to begin useless arguments in regards to the molecular components of the Millennium Falcon's warp drive.They continuously complain about nobody answering their particular e-mails or exclusive Messages, are simply searching for perma-bans at any intellectual discussion board, and are a general annoyance.If you notice a Ben Skywalker, prepare to either run or suffer an enormous IQ drop.