What does Ben Jonson mean?

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The undisputed badass associated with the Renaissance. Interested in jail like Oprah to ham. Before he and Inigo Jones perfected the court masque, Ben Jonson pissed King James off by cracking Scottish jokes in the plays. He Once escaped a death sentance by discovering an old loophole in English law, designed to protect literate members of culture (aka: clergymen). The original Chewbacka defence.

Ben Jonson meaning in General Dictionary

English dramatist and poet who was simply 1st real poet laureate of England (1572-1637)

Sentence Examples with the word Ben Jonson

These marks of the royal favour seem to have led May to expect the posts of poetlaureate and city chronologer when they fell vacant on the death of Ben Jonson in 1637, but he was disappointed, and he forsook the court and attached himself to the party of the Parliament.

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