What does Ben Abbots Disease mean?

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Ben Abbots is an ailment suffered by the students of Chipping Norton college, mainly observed in the 6th type, it may materialize as a rash or spots, and may simply take a long time to be without the illness, sometimes you are trapped with the infection permanently, many people also experience Luke Davies condition simultaneously, as both infection can at the same time infect your body through the ear, experiencing both Ben Abbots illness and Luke Davies infection on top of that can cause diarrhea, constipation and feasible spleen failure. Ben Abbots condition can be treated with antibiotics or more frequently aided by the organic patch "tashorheo" which may be bought from many pharmacies. When suffering from both Ben Abbots illness and Luke Daives disease it can be much harder to become free from the disease, it often takes at the least 1500ml of diet coke every single day for 8 months along side 40kg of pringles four weeks with a spoon saturated in sugar, complications to Ben Abbots illness additionally the Ben Abbots illness and Luke Davies disorder combination feature an uncontrollable have to shout out arbitrary banter, explain visually sexual functions with surrounding individuals mothers as well as the compulsive have to place your submit individuals faces and Shout "deal with"