What does Belshazzar mean?

Belshazzar meaning in Names Dictionary

Master for the treasure.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Male

Belshazzar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

last Chaldean master of Babylon (Dan. v), from Hebrew Belshatztzar, a contraction of Akkadian Bel-shar-usur, actually "Bel-protect-the-king" (see Bel).

Belshazzar meaning in General Dictionary

(Old Testament) Babylonian basic and boy of Nebuchadnezzar II; according to the Old Testament he had been informed of his doom by divine handwriting on the wall that has been translated by Daniel (6th century BC)

Sentence Examples with the word Belshazzar

But he who in the rightly regal and intelligent spirit presides over his own private dinner-table of invited guests, that man's unchallenged power and dominion of individual influence for the time; that man's royalty of state transcends Belshazzar's, for Belshazzar was not the greatest.

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