What does Belphegor worship mean?

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The worship of a supernatural being that is all good. It really is closely associated with satanism and model of worship is similar.Belphegor worshipers opt out-of-the-world system simply because they think it's a large scam.They frequently simply take downers,muscle relaxers and rest aids to take them out of the world system for a short time. In addition they just take ecstacy they call artifical pleasure,lsd alongside drugs to get them of the world system and they also apply astral projection and also frequently have orgies for similar reason.They rehearse scams to con the entire world system straight back have regular brainstorming sessions to create new cons. Nevertheless they wont con anyone who is not too affluent since they think about all of them fellow sufferers around the globe system fraud and invite all of them to join all of them. They only believe in scaming the rich and superrich,financal organizations and governments ect.They frequently utilize the saying concerning the globe system "It is all pie within the sky. You a get some the pie within the sky once you perish" and indicate the fact that just two percent around the globe population is the owner of the majority of the wealth.The have actually a code of full honesty between all members and training typical love between all users. There goal is globe domination therefore the setting up of a unique globe system of honesty,universal freedom and value for several folks.