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Belmont, Massachusetts. A quaint small-town from the borders of Boston. There are lots of small enterprises which provide for a visitor's every need, while the characters whom run them- from sociable people who own Belmont Pizza into the Asian people who own Belmont Variety- tend to be a joy regarding customer to acquaint themselves with.The school system is one of the best in their state. Its computing system of choice is Microsoft Microsoft windows (far superior to the Macintosh "computer systems" utilized by Lexington). Almost every class room possesses a Smartboard (A sort of electronic blackboard) which significantly increases educators' choices during lessons.Do you wish one thing less legal, maybe? Belmont is known to be one of the easiest locations in Massachusetts to procure the herb called marijuana, particularly if you don't want to cope with any dirty brown individuals. Many upstanding white men are recognized to procure the Marijuana plant available. As an aside: Discover reasons among Belmont's institutions of learning is named a 'tall' School.The police force inside town is also extremely helpful and kind within the state. The authorities in Belmont don't harass any white person for being intoxicated.However, overall, Belmont is clearly the number 1 option for any person looking to begin a household, or just to see. most dull place on planet