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a merchant, tourist/summer residence, wealthy/poverished, post-colonial, pre-Laser Beam Modernism town in south Suffolk County (Long Island, New York).Quick Stats:Average Income: $75,957.32 (Loews Standardized research '04).Average IQ: 97 (Loews '04; Stanford-Binet V)Average Idiot Code Enforcement Officer (per-acre): 3 (Loews '05)Average MILF (per-acre): 5.78 (Loews '05)Number of Weird Drug Addicts: 67 (Loews '04)Number of Failing Businesses: Kitchen and Coffee (Loews '04)Number of twelfth grade Kids Performing Stupid Things on Corners (daily): 11 (Loews '04)Number of Rich households having to pay absurd Amts. of income for You To Babysit Their particular Sons/Daughters While They tend to be Home: 61 (Loews '04)Number of Toolbags during the Golf Course/Sailing in the Bay/Hitting on Chicks during the Beach: 89 (Loews '04; brand new Record by May '04)Cash Crop: Pot (see marijuana, reefer, smoke, mary jane, hash, green, dynamo jackson, professor duncan's smooth/victorious spinach, magical thing, woods, thing kids at Bellport put in bongs and smoke a lot)Bellport ended up being created in 1842 by French/Dutch Settlers. Exactly what began as advisable quickly became house to Isabella Rosellini along with her black colored clothes that she wraps by herself in (like a mummy) in order for no sunshine will touch her regal human body, a summer house for Madonna (terminated, May '03), a stomping reasons for groups including the Beatless, Alopecia, The Pillow Biters, SGT (summer time '02), and extortionate banter.The hot-spot in Bellport is most likely the four sides. That's where men and women gather to schedule around, choose whether they would you like to go right to the deli, pizza pie spot, or supermarket, smoke cigarettes, explore things, skateboard, cavort with cohorts and acquaintances, talk about the failing business kitchen area and Coffee, gossip about wealthy folks (see: old WASPs), and play backgammon.Current views to be able of Populus (Loews '05):WASPSkater-DudePunkNaziNazi-PunkNeo-NaziPost-PunkPost-Neo-Nazi-Skater-PunkSquareIndieThe Ashlee Simpson SceneItalian MetrosexualGreek MetrosexualThe Weight-Lift SceneSuped Car/Tinted WindowEx-Bellport High School Football PlayerEx-High School GraduateAlkyPotheadHot women seeing from France for the SummerBellport has a bay area where you can find ship slips and docks and a playground with a wooden pirate ship stuck in sand.Bellport has actually a ferry and hot girls from France.Bellport is a sister city of St. Maxime. (just what?)