What does Belgian Standards mean?

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The expression Belgian Standards (usually abbreviated as BS) initially referred to the reasonably lower criteria of attractiveness that American expatriates held their particular compatriots while residing abroad. The Belgian traditional has-been colloquially dubbed "the expat's beer goggles" in reference to poor intimate choices expatriates often make under its influence. Another typical mention of the Belgian Standards is the Belgian Ultimatum, like the Desert Island Ultimatum where someone asks another when they would rest with a part for the opposite gender whenever stranded on a desert island without other options. But into the Belgian Ultimatum, the proposed situation is usually used as a more refined way to suss completely who an individual would rest with should they had to lower their particular standards considerably, but nevertheless retained a nominal modicum of selectivity.An often-confused comparable term, Brit Standards, denotes the contrary phenomenon, which Americans living overseas begin to hold their particular American colleagues to higher requirements on the basis of the relatively higher attractiveness of native residents of this international country where they reside. In these instances, the alleged All-American ethical values associated with opposite gender just never reduce it and fail to significantly improve attractiveness of fellow expatriates.