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Belgacom is just one of the limbs of Belgian government. It collects fees disguised as telecom solutions without providing said services.The common misconception that Belgacom really provides telecom solutions probably comes from the name (for which -com is in fact brief for "total wankers"), their particular huge head office in northern Brussels, and their particular invoices detailing calls there is a constant made and mystical services you never received.If you beg for long sufficient, Belcacom could actually connect you to definitely the web. Please note nevertheless that possessing a working internet connection is a criminal offense in Belgium and will also be fined consequently.Belgacom, embodying both Belgian governmental tradition and customer care, features produced a variety of common expressions. A number of no-good thieving scumbags masquerading as a Telecomms business, BELGACOM may be the largely state-owned Belgian quasi-monopoly net, mobile and landline phone outfit.Employing over 16,000 ‘special’ kids, Belgacom is globally recognized for becoming the worse net supplier within the entire universe. Only a little old-fashioned in ‘real’ countries, Belgacom continues with copper cable ADSL, a technology so old it is thought to are conceived by Jesus. It's recognized the CEO’s company is trapped in a period vortex that convinces everybody inside your year is 1608, therefore no optical fibre.Belgacom, or Belgacunt because it's well known, makes you wait up to 500 years for an internet link. Installation, which costs €149 and takes just ten minutes, is completed by a fuckwit circus monkey.The cretins on consumer hatred range (Belgacunt established fact for lacking a 'support line'), just talk in daego. All the languages may be dismissed. Famous for his or her rudeness, knowledge of their drawl is not needed, as only term your cocky little marzipan dildos actually understand is "non", the same in every language anyhow.Belgacunt had been recently fined €500,000 for increasing their particular prices without informing anybody, therefore the hope is that they will quickly get fucked up by the EU fee, because inside time pubicly-owned telecomms organizations tend to be quite old hat, particularly if the solution is slightly completely fucking abysmal!