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Also known into the Pacific Northwest as "The Mississippi of Washington", Belfair is a backwoods shithole that sits from the lips regarding the Hood Canal in west Washington condition. Despite being only one hour drive from Seattle, Belfair handles is mainly inhabited by hairy, foul-smelling, beer-gut sporting, dental-care-hating, camoflage-loving redneck douchebags. One of Washington's numerous well-known spots for aquiring a crippling methamphetamine addiction, Belfair can be understood and liked by locals for its proud custom of racism, 4x4ing, domestic violence, hunting, alchohol punishment, homophobia, and fat ugly bitches that put on two-sizes-too-small green sweatpans that state "JUICY" regarding butt. If you have never gone to Belfair, thank whatever god you pray to, visit another website link (quickly!) and forget you destroyed the very last minute in your life reading concerning the city voted "One Of The united states's Biggest Concentration Of Assholes With Big Trucks, Big Confederate Flags And small Penises"* - Belfair.* - i may or might not have composed this poll nonetheless it cannot discount the built-in truth within