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Beit Nun is an underground Hip-Hop musician from Macclesfield, UK, and it is the founder/owner of Innit documents. He is one half of Hip-Hop duo Amass Hegemony, alongside fellow MC 777, and also a member associated with the NW Hip-Hop action (alongside performers such as for example DJ Benny E, Gouki Productions, Vecta Sigma, Pedigree Chumps, EdXL, Butch Touch, Filthy deep, A.I., Ganggreen and Seven Scarrz) whom on a regular basis perform concert events up-and-down the country. December 2005 saw their debut release; a collaboration E.P./Demo with Menace (now known as Just:Mills) called 'Cheap As Chips', which very few remain open to purchase. It was followed closely by his first solamente task in December 2007; a 14-track complilation of formerly taped demonstration songs and collaborations with designers eg physician Freud, 777, Dan Bull, Filthy deep, Gouki Productions & more, titled 'Where The Art Is (amount 1)'. In 2008, he completed a 9-track E.P. alongside Dutch producer IllSkilz. This was introduced digitally in December 2008 and was followed by a finite edition CD run-in March 2009.