What does Being a Boyfriend mean?

Being a Boyfriend meaning in Urban Dictionary

*The following are how women interpert aspects of the relationship1. Affection- If you like her too-much, you're needy. If you don't like this lady enough, you are uninterested.2. Individuality- in the event that you disagree along with her over things you're enthusiastic about, you're an asshole. If you accept this lady never to complicate things, you are whipped.3. Friends- in the event that you turn the girl down seriously to hang with your buddies often, you're an asshole (again). When you do an excessive amount of with her, you are clingy and do not have sufficient buddies.4. Compliments- If you don't supplement the lady well enough, you then believe she's unsightly. In the event that you compliment this lady an excessive amount of, all you want is sex.5. Intercourse- If you want to have intercourse after the first few dates, you're a sex addict. If you wait until you would imagine she actually is ready, you are gay.