What does Behemoth mean?

Behemoth meaning in General Dictionary

An animal probably the hippopotamus described in Job xl 15 24

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  • some one or something that is abnormally large and powerful
  • people of exemplary importance and reputation
  • An animal, possibly the hippopotamus, explained in Job xl. 15-24.

Behemoth meaning in Names Dictionary

Beasts. Non-gerderized Biblical name.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Female

Behemoth meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., huge biblical monster (Job xl:15), from Latin behemoth, from Hebrew b'hemoth, frequently taken as plural of intensity of b'hemah "beast." But the Hebrew word is probably a folk etymology of Egyptian pehemau, actually "water-ox," the name the hippopotamus. A long time before Jumbo had been dreamed of, a hippo had been displayed by George K. Bailey, whom invented the container on tires now used so usually inside circuses. The beast had been marketed as "the blood perspiring Behemoth of Holy Writ," and he made several males rich. [Isaac F. Marcosson, "Sawdust and gold-dust," in "The Bookman," Summer 1910]

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Behemoth meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An animal, most likely the hippopotamus, explained in Job xl. 15-24.

Sentence Examples with the word Behemoth

Important later editions are those of Ferdinand Tonnies, Behemoth (1889), on which see Croom Robertson's Philosophical Remains (1894), p. 45 1; Elements of Law (1889).

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