What does Behandlung mean?

Behandlung - German to English


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  • caring therapy
  • bathroom associated with cavity
  • management of papers
  • treatment of male urinary stress incontinence
  • remedy for option
  • approach to a subject
  • handling
  • treatment of children with cancer tumors
  • treatment with heroin
  • brining
  • program
  • treatment
  • therapy
  • casuistry
  • remedy for broken bones
  • cancer treatment
  • remedy for cancer
  • remedy for (instances of) psoriasis
  • ovulation synchronisation therapy
  • strategy
  • dealing
  • discussion
  • caregiving
  • attention [treatment of e.g. wounds]

Sentence Examples with the word Behandlung

This work was vigorously attacked by Hermann in his Briefen fiber Homer and Hesiod, and in his letter, addressed to Creuzer, Ober das Wesen and die Behandlung der Mythologie; by J.

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