What does Beezus beezus Beezu Beezu mean?

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Beatrice Ann Quimby, the cousin of Ramona from popular kid's guide show by Beverly Cleary. Beezus got her nickname from the woman little sibling Ramona who could properly pronounce Beatrice. She is often jealous of Ramona because Ramona's art is wear the refrigerator. Beezus can me personally persistent and spends considerable time viewing by herself inside mirror. A proper slow individual, who is from beeziopia ( la la land) and does foolish things without knowing it. Sex between interracial partners. Often involving bondage such whips, chains, irregular pubs, nipple tassles, pull up bands, punch happy gloves, you label it. Produced by the summer of summer time when animals have been in heat. 1: An exclamation2: a monster of a girl just who shows the woman beastiality in public places