What does Beer and Dick mean?

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The expression "Beer and Dick" was created maybe by the master of this industry Dean, a part of the very distinguished group of the Guilo Crew at BUS and RV consisting of Chris , Matt , Lewy not to mention Dean and Steve.Other randoms come and go but never ever succeed to the "A" team because their particular shit and we hate them.We are all mad cunts and love beer and dick many time fanny's are disgusting depending exactly how many kilometer's they usually have to them.Some anecdotes feature, Forby, Ya shit and I also hate ya, Dave Dave, you are a shit pussy, Rohans mum,can you get me personally a glass or two i owe the lunch vehicle lady like 80 bucks , ETC...................Long after we leave this small shop we'll remember the days at the Guilo and also the times it held united states sane.