What does Beer Kong mean?

Beer Kong meaning in Urban Dictionary

A hybrid of Beer Pong and Flip Cup, with vast celebration charm as a result of this. It is a group game with three or maybe more people per staff, with two "Shooters" as well as minimum one "Flipper", though the amount of flippers might be tied to dining table area (but more and more people is much more fun). It is setup like a regular alcohol pong game, with racks with a minimum of six cups emerge a triangle development for each side, as well as cups across the side of the table, one per flipper. The shooters attempt to put pong balls into glasses, as you would in a typical online game of alcohol pong. However, if a person group successfully throws a ball into a cup, both groups straight away begin flipping glasses, you start with the flipper furthest from the shooters on their group, and progressing along the region of the dining table to the shooters, just who additionally play flip cup. A flipper must complete the alcohol within their glass, then try to flip the cup from a standing-upright place to upside-down prior to the after that flipper can begin the same procedure. If team just who wins flip glass can also be the group that put the baseball into the cup, the glass is removed from play, as it is standard in alcohol pong. But in the event that winning flip glass team isn't the team just who put the ball into the cup, the glass is defended, and remains in play. The video game is completed whenever one of several groups has no pong cups staying on the side.The game is at the mercy of whatever household principles could be used on site. The amount of beer within one's flip glass should also be based on the home.