What does Beer Flute mean?

Beer Flute meaning in Urban Dictionary

a drinking online game based around making a whistle-like noise from blowing on the top of alcohol bottle.Each individual begins with a long drink, then your individual utilizing the greatest pitch (drank the smallest amount of) must set the brand new reasonable pitch by-drinking. This person then blows in their bottle to offer the other people the new pitch, and exclusively in line with the sound for the pitch, the other players must then chug and make an effort to match this new reasonable pitch. Following the chug, everyone else playing blows in their bottle in addition to player with the highest pitch has to set the newest standard, while're on the road!If anytime the brand new standard may be the finishing of this container, all players must complete their particular beers to win. Anyone who will not complete in one single chug loses.Many look for Beer Flute is a great game due to its musicality, as well as its power to are more functional (and much more fun) with increased players.