What does Beer Circle mean?

Beer Circle meaning in Urban Dictionary

The structure with a minimum of 60 beer cans doing the full group around a bonfire. All cans must be totally drank and placed hand and hand through to the group is complete. In most cases this comes with a group effort because takes at the least two thirties to finish a circle. Any circle composed of significantly less than 60 beers is regarded as incomplete, inadequate and members must not feel any feeling of accomplishment.Upon conclusion of the beer group it's suitable for all who added to shotgun a complete alcohol and toss it within the fire; yelling, yelling, screaming and intense make-out seshes should accompany this. Every person should recognize they cannot leave the fire until it's completely burned out. It'll probably be around 3 or 4am at the moment; numerous is going to be passed aside and can get up in the morning with informal beach goers staring awkwardly at all of them as they walk by.The completion of a beer group is one thing to-be cherished and may be considered a life-long objective to any who possess not done one.