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Beer bicycle is one of Rice University's most critical practices; it is a combination intramural bike battle and consuming competitors dating back to 1957. Ten riders and ten chuggers compensate a team. Sophisticated rules include details such as for instance a prohibition of "bulky or wet clothes articles designed to soak up beer/water or prevent spilled beer/water from being seen" and regulations for chug can design. Each residential college plus the scholar Student Association participates with a men's staff, a women's team, and alumni (co-ed) staff. Each leg of the competition is a relay for which a team's "chugger" must chug 24 ounces of beer or liquid for males's unit and 12 ounces for ladies ahead of the staff's "rider" can start to drive. Participants just who both trip and chug are named "Ironmen". Willy Week is a phrase coined into the 1990s to refer to your few days preceding Beer-Bike, an occasion of general power and excitement on university. Jacks (pranks) are specially common during Willy Week; a few examples previously include removing showerheads, encasing the Hanszen guardian, and burying McMurtry's servery furnishings in a beach volleyball courtroom. The late early morning associated with Beer bicycle race it self starts with what exactly is by some estimations the largest yearly water balloon fight on the planet. Beer-Bike is Rice's many prominent student occasion, and for younger alumni it serves as an unofficial reunion weekend on par with Homecoming.