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A gnome rogue that is potentially perhaps one of the most respected and most preferred people on the "Bleeding Hollow" host within the online game wow. The butt of numerous jokes and the giver of his very own, Beepo happens to be enjoying constant popularity in-game for close to a year.Upon some of his former guildmates discovering he had been African-American, an array of jokes had been distributed among guildmates and friends, end in the course of time the server; one of his true guildmates popularizing that he's black colored, for that reason features a fetish for stealing bikes, citing this on well-known YTMND page named "Nigga Stole the Bike". Since that time, as many players on their host came to know of their ethnicity and of his guildmates pun on him, he is always described as a bike theif among various other racial sterotypes and epithets. He seems to never ever come to be offended because of the comments, and constantly returns with a simple laugh, or raucous jokes over VOiP programs numerous guild usage in-game. A trademark phrase in the host, "Beepo, shut-up!" has arrived to popularity because he could be really talkative, and may be very loud. He is identified by their older guildmates and pals (from their former guild Pantheon Rangers plus some of this older people in the server) to own extreme fortune with regards to arbitrary rolls for rare things. His rise to popularity for the reason that location ended up being during his first raid with Pantheon Rangers in the cell Stratholme, where he won an epic product and simply ebout any other uncommon piece of equipment that dropped, one of his true guildmates sighing in relief and stating "Thank God he dosent need that" whenever an unique product dropped his course had no use for. It frequently surely got to the point where arbitrary folks denied him spots in raids, fearing he might win the things these people were pursuing. This was ultimately quelled but because it ended up being understood that people whom supported their antics and cheerful disposition to mutinize any leader that denied him an area in a raid. I was in fact a victim of the in the past.During December 2005, he had been offocially acquiesced by two of Blizzards GM's, notifying a person that when another player he had been moaning about "ninja loots"(steals) another item, they'd have Beepo "take their mount"(though not possible in-game) and go into Great Anvil in Ironforge to scrap it for parts, further building on his current stable to be a bike theif. It's already been verified to own occured. In subsequent times, he eventually attained popularity from arbitrary players regarding server, and then he has enjoyed the trip subsequently. It's not unusual to see men and women giving various emotes to him as they're walking by, or say/yell various things at him or about him in talk. He's got already been guilded with similar selection of player since he started the video game in November 2004, but after one make an effort to leave their existing guild, Dissension, and two attemps to drop playing the video game entirely, he finally needed to fully resign through the guild Dissension, citing which he only could not keep up with their particular raid routine. Despite the fact that he could be presently guildless and plays signifigantly under he used to(that was dangerously excessive as he ended up being unemployed), he could be still looking for another guild to raid with, and his popularity and legacy remain regarded as being on a steady rise. There at this time is a guild populated by alternate figures and chinese farmers generally Beepo Stole our bicycle, which is apparently growing. Rumor features it when he cannot find another guild to raid with, he might lave the host if given the oppurtunity. Beepo denies this entirely, stating "i have been through way too much shit with all the individuals with this server to just up-and keep, I already attempted. It just wouldnt be a party without all of them."