What does Beeinflussung mean?

Beeinflussung - German to English

affectation [influencing]

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  • prejudicing the results of an effort
  • influence
  • impact
  • influencing
  • interference
  • manipulation
  • propaganda
  • lobbying

Sentence Examples with the word Beeinflussung

Meanwhile, as the general service tended to grow more elaborate, the missa fidelium tended to take on the character of the current Greek mysteries (see Eucharist; Hatch, Influence of Greek Ideas and Usages upon the Christian Church, 1890; Anrich, Das auf das Christentum, 1894; Wobbermin, Religionsgeschichtliche .Studien zur Frage der Beeinflussung des Urchristentums durch das antike Mysterienwesen, 1896).

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