What does Beef queefer mean?

Beef queefer meaning in Urban Dictionary

A fat chick. Qualities include (but they are not restricted to): prodigious muffin top, thunder-thighs, cankles, back-tits, ass-belly, breasts too little for large-sized human anatomy, and a fat vagina (from where the word comes). Beef queefers are completely unacquainted with themselves kind, as they usually dress yourself in such a manner on look like 10 weight of shit filled in a 5 lb bag. A beef queefer is often the token fat friend in a group of regular to appealing females; therefore, they truly are generally speaking cock-blockers when sober but will screw something that has actually some thing vaguely resembling a penis whenever intoxicated. Considered extremely dangerous; if encountered, keep away from fridge/snacks/penis at all costs.