What does Bee sting mean?

Bee sting meaning in Medical Dictionary

a place of skin afflicted with piercing from stinger of a bee. A bee sting can trigger an allergic reaction, including life-threatening anaphylactic surprise. Avoidance and prompt treatment are crucial if you are allergic to bee stings. Self-injectible adrenaline could be carried by persons considered to be sensitive whenever in danger areas. Hikers should put on long jeans and tops in risk places. If somebody is attacked, he/she should operate for housing, since the face to avoid airway stings. Treatment will depend on the severity of signs. Stingers ought to be removed quickly, plus the location must certanly be cleansed with water and soap. Ice packs, pain medications, and anti-itching medicines are a good idea in treating local responses. Sufferers with an increase of severe symptoms can need intravenous liquids, air, cortisone medication, or epinephrine, including medications to open up the respiration passages. In chosen situations, allergy shot therapy is highly effective for prevention. For those who are perhaps not allergic, stings are a annoyance unless they take place in multiples.

Bee sting meaning in General Dictionary

a sting inflicted by a bee