What does Bedingungen mean?

Bedingungen - German to English


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  • circumstances of work
  • capitulation terms
  • terms of the insurance policy
  • marketing and advertising problems
  • conditions of purchase
  • regards to the contract
  • regards to draft
  • regards to an understanding
  • conditions of a contract
  • requirements of a contract
  • terms for collection
  • terms of amortisation [Br.]
  • terms of amortization
  • regards to concern
  • terms of cancellation
  • regards to usage
  • circumstances for admission
  • bidding requirements
  • conditions of tender
  • regards to financial investment
  • strings [conditions, limits]
  • terms
  • requirements

Sentence Examples with the word Bedingungen

See his essays Ueber den Begriff der Schonheit (Gottingen, 1845) and Ueber Bedingungen der Kunstschonheit, ibid.

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