What does Bedeviled Ex mean?

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definition: A Bitter, Soul Sucking, Possessed Ex who would like you straight back,A Bedevilled lady: Is sly and crafty, doing things such as dropping your post to you personally at your workplace randomly times, she will ensure it is appear that she actually is doing you a favour when really it's just a reason to see you, or giving e-mails and texts to get your material (WARNING) this is how she tries to attract you back to her lair, she may not (try it on) but watch out for challenging questions about your present affairs and connections, like a witch possessed she will eat your terms and employ it to her advantage and will attempt to tell you about the few (memories) you once had!A Bedevilled Man: is significantly less of a threat but much more irritating, He'll continuously tell you why he's awesome and all the cool things he's seen and done because the final time he contacted you, he will always hug you in moving, and it will be a confusing squeeze that produces you feel uncomfortable (so do not confuse a Bedevilled man, with an Ex who is nonetheless a buddy) a tell story sign of the Bedevilled guy, is the fact that 1. He's nonetheless informing his friends you where in actuality the most useful at specific intimate endeavours! 2. He is wanting to wipe your nose in his awesomeness and continuously bringing up topics you would like or issues enjoy.