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Bed Cred is a lot like having street cred in the sack. By way of example if you pull off a top skill or high risk maneuver for instance the shocker, the rear admiral, a threesome or a white sanchez then you definitely've acquired some bed cred. Sleep cred could be acquired by going above and beyond to kindly the other partner(s) included. Bed Cred is the reputation you get among your colleagues for sexual prowess (or not, since the case is). Sleep cred is certainly not gained just from bed room intercourse, it can be gained from intercourse in a pool, tennis-court, and for extra things, bondage on ITV primetime, or other live shows. Interesting roles and/or use of equipment could possibly get you additional cred, but size is the primary element - a-1 base wonder will beat a 1 inch question. Keep in mind, word must get round, or no Bed Cred is gained.