What does BecomeONE mean?

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BecomeONE by meaning;Walking inside acceptance, dedication, empowerment and advancement of one’s "Authentic" Self. In order to become purposefully hindered, from thinking what opposes the power of being WHOLE! To embody the realization, confidence, convenience, wellness and wealth of one’s "divine" call. One that in pursuit of function, spends when you look at the worth of his / her hidden treasures. Jesus's good and perfect might for your life in his plans to prosper you.To acquire;· autonomous motivation· separate inspiration· private empowerment· self-love, self-acceptanceTo be or become live, living happy, healthier, whole and total. The absence of question, inaction and/or procrastination. The complete being or person, the alternative of a fraction.a balance success empowerment term or term of inspiration.BecomeONE, encounter your miraclesNOW, be manufactured ONEWalking in purpose purposely with an idea! ONE!