What does Becher mean?

Becher meaning in Names Dictionary

First born.
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Gender: Male

Becher - German to English


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  • glass [esp. without handle]
  • Pythagorean cup
  • container
  • beaker with spout
  • death cup
  • tub [of ice-cream, margarine]
  • mug
  • goblet [archaic]
  • tumbler
  • chalice [poet.] [goblet]
  • pottle [NZ]
  • Crater [constellation]
  • carton [tub-shaped]
  • beakers
  • glasses
  • tumblers

Becher - French to English

to dig

Sentence Examples with the word Becher

JOHANN JOACHIM BECHER (1635-1682), German chemist,.

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