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The Becca - Ho (scientific title Beccaus hoicus) is a carnivorous types of mammal which frequently respected by people because of its company and its capacity to clean dishes. It has been connected with people for at least 16 many years.She happens to be sighted this kind of areas for instance the woodlands of Rhode Island, in addition to metropolitan areas of Italy. Should anyone ever come in contact with the Beccaus hoicus NEVER PANIC. Crouch into a fetal place and feign death. Keep in mind: it's even more afraid people then you're of it.A Becca - Ho (additionally frequently referred to as Becca - lo) is identified by its huge teats and shy disposition. It may usually be located close to the wild chemicus imbalicus (often called FREEEEENNCH!!), Italius trixieismygirlfriendicus (commonly Eye Talian), and Italius Bitchicus (commonly Crisco).