What does Bebo Fame Kid mean?

Bebo Fame Kid meaning in Urban Dictionary

A bebo popularity kid is somebody who is extremely well-known on the website Bebo. These "Fame Kids" are usually scene and generally are notorious for photos. How can you come to be a fame child? you could ask?perfectly, initially you will need a bebo. these Fame kids get their fame by adding random folks, incorporating a great deal of photographs, and getting tons of opinions in your photos. You may possibly have plenty of friends and photographs, however, if you do not conquer 10 commentary, your maybe not bebo royalty product. Some bebo fame kids tend to be Doogle, Gee Von Gore, Tori Tears, Kiki Kontagious, Dolly Diamonds, Chris Chimera, etc. There are lots of groups on bebo called the Bebo fame young ones top 10 or something like that like this. Point is, Bebo Fame children are young ones on bebo that remarkably popular.