What does Beaufort scale mean?

Beaufort scale meaning in Law Dictionary

scale for wind speed. It begins at 0 and concludes at 12. surf are located to detect speed. Its named after Sir Francis Beaufort.

Beaufort scale meaning in Etymology Dictionary

determine wind velocity, developed 1806 by Francis Beaufort (1774-1857), surveyor and hydrologist.

Beaufort scale meaning in Business Dictionary

Empirical scale for estimating wind-speed, including 0 (calm) to 12 (hurricane), by watching the wind's impact on waves and presence. Developed because of the British admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857) originally for wind-over-sea, it offers a corresponding scale for wind-over-land.

Beaufort scale meaning in General Dictionary

a global scale of wind force from 0 (peaceful air) to 12 (hurricane)

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  • a scale from 0 to 12 for power associated with wind