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(N.) “Beau Hunk” ended up being commonly used to spell it out a “Stud Muffin” or very handsome guy of Bohemian good. In the early 20th Century, through 60's, individuals really knew there was such a country of Bohemia. Bohemia became section of Czechoslovakia after World War I. There were numerous immigrants to the United Sates from this country within the belated nineteenth Century and early 20th Century. As years elderly the expression “Beau Hunk” faded from popularity. You'll sometimes hear the word referenced in Hollywood movies of that time period. The expression Beau Hunk may be used generally terms as a tag name so that as a complimentary term.(A.) Today many people have no idea of the annals of Bohemia and frequently make use of the term in an adjective kind, explaining a totally free spirit with a unique design.