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The religion created to worship the gods of music, a.k.a, The Beatles. We followers of Beatleism concur that we:1. Must hear any Beatles track one or more times just about every day and rewind it twice.2. Should be totally anti-war.3. Must try to meditate one or more times inside our everyday lives and wish it captures on.4. Must make a spot to say the Beatles and/or just how sexy/hot/amazing/talented they truly are whenever possible.5. Should reference their hairstyle as Arthur.6. Must scream and cry combined with market anytime witnessing a tape of these carrying out real time.7. Must laugh when someone foolishly tries to reveal that Paul McCartney is dead.9. Should always refer to selves as Beatleists.8. Must tear people a new one if they EVER state Led Zeppelin ended up being a lot better than the Beatles (or other band when it comes to matter) or the Beatles were overrated. A Religion designed to honour the four Gods of Apple Scruff.We go by BeatleManiacs.Ones that individuals are positive existed.