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This unfortunate occurring may be the only way to clense ones heart and is entirely needed, entirely necessary!Beatifucation is completed when someone that has obviously been mistreated and not already been informed as a child, When indeed there mind is obscured by wicked thoughts and some ideas. Whenever topic individual doesn't take pleasure in the noises for the great musical organization *The Beatles...Yes does NOT like The Beatles.Some person who cannot enjoy and fantasize in regards to the Beatles should be therefore pourly educated they might not determine what is going on round all of them. The Target individual will think they actually do absolutely nothing incorrect, but infact tend to be commiting a sin...an Epark Sin. So trying to make them determine what there doing is from the regulations of nature is quite tricky. That is were Beatifucation needs to be aplied.To perform Beatifucation you must gather up your entire mates(Bros,Hommies and Chums are acceptable) and Do everything within combined capacity to cast out the demon of good musical style this is certainly completing your buddy's mind with Shit and Evil thoughts.Ancient Methods of Beatifucation consist of:1. Continuously playing Beatles tracks at any time the offender is near.2. If ever the individual atemps to chat or join into a discussion automaticly change the subject to anything about the teachings associated with the Beatles so that the individual does not have any option regarding disappear and get loner(which can be a bad thing) or interact the discussion submiting towards the mighty energy of the Beatles.3. Simply avoiding and Discluding and ect anyone until they come to be Beatifucied.4. Rape, pushed sex, assault, intimate punishment and threatning coments have also worked on many occasions (pushing the Offender to listen to Ringo Star's Wonderful vocals is also appropriate; Pinning the person down or attaching all of them to a chair can be essential).Again, I must state how important Beatifucation is an that it really is entirely necessary throughout instances. After it really is full the person can be returned to its normal self and help to spread the old teachings of this Beatles.*Use These details Wisely and correctly*