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a tremendously breathtaking women name through the Latin language. Beata indicates “blessed” “holy” “angelic” and “the bringer of joy”. Women known as Beata have become special and stunning internally and out, exactly like there name. A lady called Beata is quite rare discover and should be cherished. She's an incredible personality and can prompt you to laugh regardless of what in her own very own unique way. Very imaginative, gorgeous, and smart. A Beata is one of the most nice individuals you will definitely ever before meet, she's really kind, dedicated, and good. She is an angel, a blessing sent from above. She's going to help save you. -SEX,Intercourse,Smashing,-only the man can drop the beatums on ladies-u cant give beatums you merely drop them-no gay sex (DONT USE THE TERM,FAGS)-girls cannot drop the beatums just what so ever-girls recieve the beatums-guys drop the beatums