What does Bearer Bond mean?

Bearer Bond meaning in Finance Dictionary

a bond that does not record its owner's name. Possession of this bond certification is which means only proof of ownership. Dividends are reported by distributing a detachable coupon towards paying representative.

Bearer Bond meaning in Law Dictionary

bond with no owner name from the record. The attention is paid into party using coupons. The key is paid to your party redeeming it. The ownership passes simply by hand the same as money. Reference authorized bond.

Bearer Bond meaning in Business Dictionary

Bond whoever owner's name's instead of record using bond issuer. Interest accrued on bearer bonds is compensated to whoever presents the connected coupons, while the principal is compensated to anyone who gift suggestions the relationship for redemption. Ownership (title) of this form of relationship can pass from hand-to-hand by easy delivery, the same as a currency note or a bearer check. See also registered relationship.

Bearer Bond meaning in General Dictionary

a bond released with detachable discount coupons that really must be provided on issuer for interest payments