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it really is our objective to unify and beautify guys through typical objective of getting the full beard through the entire month of November.For one month, we shall let our hair on your face develop as it was designed to. It's not a contest, but a celebration of privilege we received. A membership to this brotherhood of males is dedication to excellence in neuro-scientific beard developing.On October 31st, we practice the sacred Shaveabration ritual. For the month after that, no razors will touch our faces, just our magnificent hairs.Modern community attempts to neuter us with a constant barrage of images of shaved, womanly males. For example month, genuine guys shall band together in defiance associated with the abnormal social responsibility of routine shaving. Some females, brainwashed by anti-male mass media, will tell you they cannot like beards. They're perhaps not genuine ladies. You will find only two types of women: ladies who love males with beards and lesbians. Never succumb to devious feminine strategies to make you shave. We are here to aid you. Our power lies in our solidarity.So exactly what do you will do to help expand the main cause? First and foremost, use your beard proudly. Inform all of your pals. Put up posters around your town or university. Share this website or provide a Digg up. Join the Twitter group. Inform your dad. Tell your sons. Collectively, we will overcome beardlessness. No Shave, No Vember.Ye shall not around the sides of one's heads, neither shalt thou mar the sides of thy beard. - Leviticus 19:27 Enough time of the year between November 1st and November 30th whenever guys bond to commemorate their particular masculinity by declining to shave. Also called "No Shave November", this gathering could also continue to the subsequent months of winter.