What does Beard Rock mean?

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A little-known kind of songs originating in the 1990's as a throwback acknowledgement into very early folk rockers, (for example. Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, an such like. ). This form of songs usually falls beneath the label Indie or Folk or Indiefolk, and is very common inside Pacific Northwest. Finalized music artists mainly fit in with Sub Pop Records, a label from Seattle, Washington. Songs tend to be laden with recommendations to nature and personal philosophy of most aspects. The real difference from regular indie/folk music is each team tends to sport hair on your face, designs including however limited by: the chin curtain, Grizzly Adams, mutton/lambchops, or any other typically considered "unkempt" look. These performers emphasize the importance of the environment, total camaraderie and independent thinking, making Henry David Thoreau appear to be a demigod. Examples of bands are: Fleet Foxes, Midlake, The Decemberists, Band of Horses, Mojave 3 and many more. Something is for certain though, the beard is paramount to determining Beard Rock.