What does Bear Market mean?

Bear Market meaning in Finance Dictionary

market for which vendors outnumber buyers and where in actuality the trend of share prices is consequently downwards.

Bear Market meaning in Law Dictionary

marketplace state that is characterized by decreasing costs and low volumes over a prolonged time frame, frequently caused by damaged fiscal conditions (for example., slow growth or contraction, poor business earnings). A bear marketplace is typically believed to be in place when wide index amounts are at the very least 20 percent less than the last top. See additionally BULL MARKET, CORRECTION.

Bear Market meaning in Business Dictionary

stage where costs of securities or products fall by 20 % or maybe more. During such times (1) financial investment interest is usually limited, (2) issues about the state of economy are plentiful, and (3) dealers or investors are more willing in attempting to sell their investment profiles rather than increase their particular risk by keeping. See also bull market.

Bear Market meaning in General Dictionary

market characterized by dropping charges for securities

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bear market