What does Bear Hug mean?

Bear Hug meaning in Finance Dictionary

A takeover quote pitched at a generous enough degree to prompt shareholder strain on the directors to just accept, instead of deal with the wrath for the business's proprietors.

Bear Hug meaning in Law Dictionary

TAKEOVER bid gotten by a target company that DIRECTORS urge shareholders to just accept because of its attractive cost. Though directors might choose to reject the bid, the cost makes it extremely difficult to allow them to do so; failure to suggest endorsement could represent a breach of TASK OF LOYALTY and bring about legal activity being taken.

Bear Hug meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1876, from bear (letter.) + hug (n.).

Bear Hug meaning in Business Dictionary

Takeover provide meant to the management of a target firm. Most commonly it is followed closely by an express or suggested danger that a primary provide into the shareholders follows if overture is rejected.

Bear Hug meaning in General Dictionary

a wrestling hold with hands locked firmly across the adversary

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  • a takeover quote so appealing that the administrators of target business must approve it or exposure shareholder protest

Sentence Examples with the word Bear Hug

He wrenched Sofi off the ground in a tight bear hug and deposited her on the other side of the gate line.

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