What does Beansworth mean?

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A saucy creature which dwells within the north elements of Ca. The Beansworth possesses many majestic powers, several of such as gracing the backs of weary travelers needing healing with its mild caress and shrieking to the sounds of "amazingly Blue Persuasion" and Minnie Riperton. The Beansworth enjoys concocting delicious treats because of its nieces and lounging about in the negligee. The Beansworth is not alone with its endeavors, however for whenever there are reported Beansworth mentioning (a rare and momentous occasion because of it is a stealthy, nocturnal mammal) it is often seen having its bearded partner referred to as gruncle and a small, uni-balled creature with an under bite. The Beansworth might appear like a busy creature, but it however recognizes the worthiness of relaxation from time to time. In moments of anxiety, the Beansworth will either endeavor to its yard to dip it self inside swamps or luxuriate with favored fine wines and cheeses. Don't be alarmed should anyone ever get across paths with this magnificent monster, for it implies no harm. In reality, ready yourself for a warm embrace and a kiss. For that is the way the Beansworth greets site visitors, unfalteringly. But be cautioned, the Beansworth does features an evil part. Never switch your back upon it or it could be hell to pay.