What does Beamish mean?

Beamish meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Wearer of Mickey Mouse polo shirts, undersized dress t-shirts, extremelysmall dress t-shirts, and shirts therefore inordinately tight one could however handle tosee the imprint regarding the jovial speaking mouse on their chest times later.2. A name so infamous, that whenever faced with the statement "i am in GH band."the just response ever heard uttered has-been "Damn that sucks." Band manager ofGreen Hope twelfth grade in Cary, NC, you can find 4 different examples of application of number 40/3 to the name. It is the ratio of square centimeters ofheadspace to hairs on their mind, as well as the ratio of more youthful females toolder females hes hit in through the entire past couple of years of hislife. Thirdly, 40/3 also represents the the proportion of discouraging to encouraging words spoken to my friends and I also throughout our senior high school venture (and thats becoming large). Eventually, and strangely enough, take away the / and it is actually his last recorded weight in lbs. Get figure.3. See "arrogant"4. See "cocky"5. See "entirely soaked up in oneself"6. See "Ego the size of Asia"7. See "Adolf Hitler", "Humpty Dumpty","Napolean Bonaparte", and "That Queer Purple Teletubbie That I Swear Carried Around a Friggin Purse." Combine them all collectively into a tyrannical, homosexual, bald, rotund guy and it yeilds the essential idea for the style of guy we cope with on a-day to-day basis. (a lot of you might be wondering exactly how Napolean Bonaparte plays into this description. Just take this as you will... An anatomical extremity of Napolean's is on show within the Smithsonian Museum. It really is assessed at 1.4" give and take.)8. See "Jesus carelessly allow the Arch Angel of Special-Ed manage the real human making process as he took a vacation to Barbados if this man was concieved."

Beamish meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530 (Palsgrave), from ray + -ish. Lewis Carroll might have thought he had been inventing it in "Jabberwocky."

Beamish meaning in General Dictionary

smiling with delight or optimism

Sentence Examples with the word Beamish

Histories, Of The Maritime Provinces Have Been Written By Thomas Chandler;Haliburton, Beamish Murdoch And James Hannay.

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