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A drinking game for which multiple groups of 5 folks (though girls count as 1/2 an individual) compete in order to complete a handle (1.75L) of Jim Beam bourbon. This means each individual drinking about 12 ounces of liquor or 8 shots, therefore exercise caution. That is a great way to start an event because everyone which took part will likely to be totally smashed, as well as the spectators are in awe and want to play drinking games aswell.Rules:1. Get it in your body any way feasible. You'll blend it with coke or drink it straight.2. You might just puke 30 minutes when you finish becoming considered a true victor3. Record holders can call by themselves the "Dream Beam Team" a label team duo of shimbazzlers that attend the University of Kentucky and have a tendency to smash bottles of Jim Beam towards face without having reason, pay, or description with mad and tenatious speed and superior tactics.